Learn 2 Love 2 Learn

Taught by Heidi Bates.


Batesville was first opened in 1975 when my mother-in-law taught in her basement. She taught for 20 years. I am excited to carry on the tradition! more...


Heidi earned a degree in Elementary Education and Music from BYU. She also holds a Kodaly Certificate of music and has 5 children of her own who range from 5 to 17. more...


Letters, numbers, colors, shapes. Skills such as cutting, gluing, creating, drawing/writing. We'll learn lining up, listening, playing together, discussing and so much more.

Schedule and Registration

Batesville is open to 4 year-olds who will be starting kindergarten in 2018 (age 4 by September 1, 2017). I will be teaching 8 preschoolers on Monday Wednesday and Friday from 9-11:30. more...