Batesville’s motto is “Learn 2 Love 2 Learn”.  I will focus on playing and learning together.  Much of what we do will be disguised as play.  I believe, and research supports, that is how children best learn.
My curriculum will include: letters, numbers, colors, shapes.  We will practice skills such as cutting, gluing, creating, drawing/writing.  We will also practice lining up, listening, playing together, discussing…We will explore animals, space/planets, weather, plants and seeds…We will go on field trips and learn about each other, our families and the community around us.  I will be teaching some Spanish(I speak Spanish), sign language, and dramatic arts.  
Our music classes will be a big part of the curriculum and we will learn to sing in tune, feel the beat, listen to and move to music, play games together,  get to know composers…We have a fun playground, and will go outside as often as the weather permits.